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Welcome to Breakthrough Medical.  When pain takes over your life. It's not only a source of constant worry, but it can often be debilitating, keeping you from the lifestyle to which you are accustomed. Pain can prevent you from being productive at work or it can keep you from your job altogether.


Breakthrough Medical is a multi specialty Pain practice with a unique approach to treating pain and its effects on our patients lives. We creatively utilize physical means as well as other medical therapeutics to help in the healing and rehabilitation of our patients. Our treatment involves all the resources available to treat the pain of our patients. Our patients are helped through a combination of the latest treatments available and custom designing treatments for our patients. Our goal is to successfully restore your quality of life to its maximum potential.


We treat the individual rather than just the pain. By taking this focused approach, we are able to understand your needs as well as the physical conditions causing the pain. As a medical practice specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation, we have the resources to see you through the pain and get you back to living your life.

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